Import existing 2fa from 1Password

Hi, I am a current 1Password user, experimenting with using Bitwarden with a view to switching over.

I am trying out the 2FA feature, for example to log in to a website that has 2FA. In 1Password I have been using their built in generator. (One-time password as they term it)

Is there a way to import the existing TOTP code from 1P that has already been set up with the relevant website, so that the same one will work in Bitwarden? Or no, I can only use it by setting up a new TOTP from scratch in Bitwarden authenticator…?

No idea. Have you tried following Import Data from 1Password | Bitwarden Help & Support and seeing what happens?

When you have done that please let others know what happened, so your knowledge can be shared.

ps - the free version of Bitwarden will store the secrets for TOTP and you can (presumably) see them in it. However, it will not generate the codes without coughing up US$10.00 for the paid version.

thanks, yes, i tried the importer. It doesn’t work with the existing TOTP. Will have to go to plan B :smile:

I’m not sure about the importer, but you should be able to copy your TOTP Keys from 1Pass to Bitwarden without needing to re-register them with each website. With the same TOTP Key, both 1Pass and BW will generate the same TOTP code, so the website won’t know the difference.

It would be great to see the Bitwarden developers take the import of 1Password data to the next level. By next level I mean comprehensive and robust. Able to import the full range of 1Password data with few or no exceptions and few or no errors. I am particularly interested in Secure Notes including attachments. At present, this is what has prevented me from renewing my Bitwarden subscription.

1Password (AgileBits) is increasingly making it more difficult for existing non-subscription customers to use the perpetual licence solutions they have bought from AgileBits. If the 1Password import is improved it would create an opportunity to attract more 1Password users as Bitwarden customers.

Thanks for listening.