Import data from Excel file

I have a large Excel xlsx file with all my user names and passwords in 3 columns; a fourth column is used for remarks.
I would like to import the data in a Bitwarden vault, but there is no possibility for xlsx files. I saved the file as csv but this is not accepted.
Please advise:

  1. What format should my xlsx file have before saving as csv?
  2. Which csv file type from the list should I use when importing?

Hi Rob - welcome!

You will need to structure your Excel file in a manner that a Bitwarden will recognize before saving it as a csv file. This help document should help:

Thank you David, I had seen this document but it is beyond my understanding. Can you please explain the expected contents of each of the topline items?(folder,favorite,type,name,notes,fields,login_uri,login_username,login_password,login_totp)
Thank you and please have patience with my lack of understanding.

Those headings names correspond to the same fields in inside the Bitwarden app. Just make sure that you sort the colmns in your excel spreadsheet to match this order, and then replace whatever headings you used in your sheet with these ones that Bitwarden expects.

Hope that helps! Cheers

Thanks again David, but this does not help.
Understand that I am new to Bitwarden en do not understand what is expected in these fields. Where can i find a clear description:

  • folder ?
  • favorite?
  • type?
    What I would like to know is what is expected in these fields and what are the semantics of these fields.
    Thanks again

My best advice is to open the app and compare those names to the fields that exist inside Bitwarden items in your vault.

For example, a folder is a container to organize your credentials inside Bitwarden. You can mark certain items as a β€˜Favourite’ so that they appear at the top of your vault in the desktop and mobile apps and the browser extension.

I think you will find the following help pages on the Bitwarden website useful:

Ok, thanks.
I will give it a try tomorrow or so. It still sounds very techie and not simple for a simple soul like myself.

I know it sounds a technical, but your import data is pretty basic, so it should be a breeze.

In case it helps, I made a small sample CSV file example for you to follow. You mentioned earlier that your existing spreadsheet only has usernames, passwords, and remarks (BW calls this the notes field), so here is how a conditioned CSV file might look:

Some things to note:

  • the following fields can remain blank for import: folder, favorite, fields, login_url, login_totp
  • in your situation, the type should always be: login
  • the name is anything you choose to identify the login

And if you want to download the CSV file I show above to use as a template for your data, you can grab the file here:

Hope that helps!


It does.
Once again, thank you very much for your patience!