Import data from Dashlane via CSV?

I am a Dashlane user who is wanting to move to Bitwarden. Dashlane has terminated support for their desktop app which is the only way to export a JSON file. You can export in CSV format but Dashlane is only listed in JSON format which is now dead. How do I import from CSV from Dashlane? Is there a generic CSV format that I can edit my files to work?

Nathan Williams

Hi @nlinecomputers and welcome to the community.

We are aware that Dashlane has discontinued the support of their desktop app which had a JSON export.

Here are the instructions for the import from Dashlane: Bitwarden Open Source Password Manager | Bitwarden Help & Support

Hope you find all the information you need. Let me know here if you run into any issues.


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Thanks, That’s the instructions I was looking for.

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Hello, I followed the link above and downloaded the csv files from Dashlane. But in the Bitwarden Web Vault (I have v.2.25.1) I can only choose Dashlane Json, no CSV option. Should CSV be a choice in the pulldown menu?

Any ideas what I can do to do the import without manually adjust the exported files.

Br Fredrik

Hi @flsmedberg and welcome to the community.

The option to import the Dashlane export as csv does not turn up, because you are using an older version of the web vault.

You’d need to update your environment to at least 2.27.0

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Dan beat me to it!


Ah! Thanks, that explains it. I run Bitwarden in HomeAssistant. I guess they arn’t that fast in updating. :slight_smile:

Actually, you aren’t even running a legitimate copy of Bitwarden, then. Bitwarden does not have a release channel for HomeAssistant.

You must be running software developed by someone else that is masquerading as Bitwarden - there are products like that out there. Be cautious with it!

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