Import CSV to MyVault folders, not my org's collections

My family and I are LastPass refugees. I’m trying to get my own Bitwarden account ready to go before I start migrating everyone else. My first attempt at importing CSV from LastPass was not very encouraging though. For reference, my CSV file has 1335 lines and there are 48 unique groups defined.

After extensive research to understand how Bitwarden handles organizations and the difference between folders and collections, I think I can state my issue like this:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an new account and upgrade it to family.
  2. Export a CSV file from LastPass.
  3. Using the web view of Bitwarden, import the CSV.

Expected behavior

  1. Imported items appear in my personal vault.
  2. Grouping field(s) in CSV are mapped to new folder names within my vault.
  3. I can manually tag/move around 1% of individual items to be part of a collection within my organization.

Observed behavior

  1. Imported items appear in my organization’s vault.
  2. Grouping field(s) in CSV are mapped to new collections within my organization’s vault.
  3. There’s no way to move items to my personal vault. The closest option is to manually create the list of 48 folders, clone each item to the correct folder then delete the original. 1000 times.

I’m hoping someone can tell me I’ve missed a feature or option somewhere. At this point, I’m not fully committed, so deleting and re-importing is not out of the question. If I really have to go through that procedure 1000 times, I’ll likely delete the account and go elsewhere.

Hi @algo - welcome to the Bitwarden community forums.

I, too, am surprised that this has happened. I would have had the same expectations that you outline above, and I think this is the first time I have heard of an import putting everything into an organizational vault instead the personal vault.

You may want to have a look at this help document, because the import rules that Bitwarden follows are very straightforward, and a fix for your problem may be to purge your vault and re-import with a slightly modified CSV file. It might be as simple as changing just the first word of the csv file. I hope it is that simple!! Cheers.

Hi @algo and welcome to the community :tada:

Sorry, to hear you are running into some issue while migrating.

It sounds like you imported from the organization settings page, which will import data into the selected organization. The importers then usually migrate any folders found in the import-file into collections.

If you start the import from the Tools menu, then this will import into your personal vault, as you described as expected result.

Before importing agin, please make sure to purge the vaults (individual and organizational). Importing multiple times will cause duplicates.

Here’s more information on importing into an individual vs an organizational vault.

I hope that clear things up, and please let us know if that worked.

Kind regards,


Ah yes, thank you, it seems obvious now. In retrospect, I jumped right into importing before I had done the reading to understand the concept of organizations. Presumably the sign-up flow for the families product had dumped me out onto the organization’s settings page rather than my own.

Of course, since it’s the universal support forum rule, I will now spin this support query into a feature suggestion. Maybe there’s something on the UI that could make this more obvious, like an explicit choice on the import modal between “import into MY vault” and “import into my org’s” vault. I get the logic of taking the context from which party was selected previously, but I for one did not notice it. And I’m a certified genius… :rofl: