Import CSV from old program

I have a very old password manager - Whisper32 - that I need to move passwords out of. I can create a CSV file with no problem, but can’t figure out how to import it into BitWarden! The password manager isn’t listed in the long list of password managers.
How can I get the csv into BitWarden?

Take a look at this:

Thanks. I saw that but it confused me a bit…

Can I just take the csv file created in the old program and import it as a “Bitwarden (csv)”? The headers the file creates are: ServiceName, UserName, Password, Memo, Expire, StartDate, DaysToLive

The Expire are all flagged as “False” and the “DaysToLive” all say 30.

Would I have to rearrange the columns and delete the two that are technically useless for me?

I have over 500 passwords in the file!

How about if you try this:
You create a random item within Bitwarden. So you add a username, a password, a web address and perhaps you fill in some extra data like a note and a custom field. Then you export this as a CSV and next you compare the CSV-file from Bitwarden with the file from your previous/current password manager. Then it should become clear which changes (if any) might be necessary.

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I can give this a try. Thanks.

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I think I got it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Took forever because my URLs were in the notes and had to move them out to the URL column. Anyway, looks good at first glance. Only actual use will tell.

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Importing passwords can be a bit of a pain, depending on where they came from.

The good news is that you only have to do it once, or twice if you do it once as a practice and then twice for real.

I read my passwords from the various bits of software, and the other hiding places they lived, into a spreadsheet. Then I manipulated them in that until they were in the right format. Then I read them into Bitwarden. I left the originals for a few weeks (can’t remember precisely how long now), then had the fun of using utility software to exterminate the files.

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Thanks! I finally got it squared away. I think my headers had an error so I just copied them from my test file and everything worked great after that! Today has been my first real use of the program and when I went to a website that didn’t have the log in already saved in Edge, Bitwarden popped right up and offered to enter it for me!

Now that you have it working I would suggest using BW’s backup/export feature and select the JSON file. With a BW JSON file you can restore your vault in a second or two.

:+1: Thanks! We’re in the midst of a move and I’ll do that when we get settled in at our new location.

Glad it is working. However, I wouldn’t leave making a backup for any period of time.

The encrypted backup, which has its flaws in some ways, is very good for making a backup quickly which you can then put on say a memory stick somewhere safe just in case.