IKEA form credit card autofill issues


I found that the IKEA (UK) credit card payment form auto-fill did not work at all from the top right menu ‘Cards’ i.e. no fields were filled.
However when I tried right-clicking in the fields themselves and using “Auto-fill card”, they did fill, though I had to repeat this several times before they did fill. Rather odd.

The custom field names were:




Firefox v121.0.1 on Win10
BW extension 2014.1.0

Having to auto-fill credit card data repeatedly is not uncommon. This happens because web form designers change the appearance of the form in response to user inputs. For example, the expiration date and CVV input fields may not appear until after the credit card number has been entered, or date placeholders (like MM/YY) may not be displayed until after the user has interacted with the form.

I’m wondering what would have happened if you had kept retrying to auto-fill using your original method (clicking the card in the browser extension window) instead of switching to the right-click method. Perhaps it was just the extra attempts that made the auto-fill succeed, unrelated to the switch in auto-fill method.

Tx for the useful info. I tried it again and the menu - Card option only fills in the expiry date, even with repeated attempts. The card and CVV code remain blank.

You’d have thought web designers would make it easy for their forms to be auto-filled … OK, you can stop laughing now. :wink:

Since you have inconsistent behavior for clicking in the browser extension “Tab” view vs. using the right-click context menu, and since it is repeatable, I would suggest filing a bug report on Github. You can either use their Google Docs form for auto-fill issues or try reporting it as a New Issue.

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Tx, that Gdocs form is so much easier to fill in than github!

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