Icons from bitwarden in bitwarden

Should I add a request for a feature called “Icons”
Sometimes, there is no icon from website’s URL
Which looks pretty unorganized and non-visual based and major problem is in ID and notes
I think, adding a pack of icons which includes general icons, emojis, letter based and customizable icons, wouldn’t be that big of a deal for developers to add
I wonder, why they haven’t done this yet

I understand, not allowing icons to upload is pretty reasonable. But why not provide atleast some good icons to use

@the_red_kat Welcome to the forum!

There is a feature request thread here, where you can vote and add your comments:

There is also a work-around “trick” proposed by a user in that thread:

I also tried this “second URL icon” trick in the first day of using Bit-warden
Didn’t work as satisfying. Looks horrible
Question is which domain should we use instead [as secondary]; should we be looking for third party domains which are matching with our item’s title
My suggestion is, Bit-warden must learn/copy the 2FAS App in this case