Icon Suggestions (All Platforms)

Icon Suggestions
Obligatory notice I’m not a graphic designer and have no experience and respect the choices of those on the Bitwarden team

The Bitwarden icon is good, but some of the variants don’t display well on different platforms.

  • Some platforms, such as Android, use an adaptive icon that enables the background to change shape, however when the web vault is ‘installed’ on Chrome OS, the background is just set against a white plate.
  • Desktop platforms (or at least Windows) also aren’t adaptive, using a rounded square background, and the Windows Store version has a scaling issue on top of that.

I made some alternatives that might better blend in better. I made them for personal use, but applying them, either to the Windows version or the web vault doesn’t work with traditional methods.

The shortcuts in Android quick settings might benefit from a revision though those are tricky because OEM skins have different aesthetics. I also saw some requests in the forum to make toolbar icons that fit in better with each browser, but I won’t create a duplicate here.

EDIT: It won’t let me attach my icons or examples because I’m a new user. I’ll link a PDF and folder with all of them.
PDF: Bitwarden Icon Mockup.pdf - Google Drive
FOLDER: Bitwarden Icons - Google Drive