I would like to cycle through passwords using same shortcut

I really like the CTRL+SHIFT+L shortcut to paste the creds. Unfortunately, Bitwarden appears to have difficulty for sites associated with the same domain. I would like repeatedly using this shortcut to cycle through the list of creds associated with the domain I am on so that, once I recognize the right one, I can just press Enter to login.

This should already be available

If there are multiple logins with the detected URI, the last-used login will be used for the auto-fill operation. You can cycle through multiple logins by repeatedly using the keyboard shortcut:

  • On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + L

  • On macOS: Cmd + Shift + L

  • On Linux: Ctrl + Shift + L


Nice! I didn’t even think to check this because when I would use the sequences on Linux and Windows, sometimes it would go through a couple and settle on the wrong one. That was when I was only pressing the sequence once. I thought it was just a little buggy, not a big deal, except that I wanted to be able to manually move it forward if the one it settled on was not correct. So I guess I stopped just shy of the finish line! So glad the devs already thought of this, and I have tested it–works! Thanks!