I setup Authy to require 2FA, but it doesn't ask for the Authy code when I hit the Bitwarden icon

I have a Macbook Air(M1) and use the Brave browser (all up to date). I setup Authy to require entering the Authy code, but when I hit the Bitwarden icon (Brave extension, I believe) it doesn’t ask for the Authy 6-digit code. It does ask for the Authy code if I logon to the Bitwarden web vault and it works. Is there a setting I’ve messed up? I looked around the site and in the Brave extension, but can’t find it. Not really technically oriented. Thanks for any advice/info. regards, George

Hi George (@skua123) - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

If I had to guess, I think this guidance will be helpful to resolve your issue:

Essentially, there is an important setting that you may have missed, and now your device is remembered as ‘trusted’ so you need to undo that. Let us know if you are able to get it fixed!

side note - authy was recently hacked and they are not being fully direct about how. if you feel so inclined to get away from authy, there are open source authenticator apps available that work well.

Thanks very much for the info. It fixed my problem. Also, thanks for the info on the hack. Regards, George