I really need help

Hello everyone, I reset my phone today and my social media accounts, e-mail addresses, bank applications, game accounts passwords are saved in my bitwarden account.But I forgot my password because I always entered with fingerprint method. I really don’t know what to do now. If I can’t find my password, everything is lost. Please help me!

Are you by any chance still logged-in on other devices, either apps or browsers? Like on Windows, MacOS, etc?

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No bro, i just online use in mobile phone…

If you don’t have any other device with a Bitwarden app or extension still logged in, then there is nothing that can be done (assuming that you are not a member of an Enterprise Plan through your employer, etc.).

Have you ever exported your passwords for backup? Did you set up an emergency access?

Have you ever put in a master password hint? If you have, you can get the hint from Bitwarden Web Vault .

Look for places you might have written down the password.