I have the same password for the same service but different devices instagram for example

is there any way to fix?
it’s a shame because bitwarden is a great password manager

Sorry you’re going to need to explain a little more.

You are able to create as many records for the same service as you require. You can even use the same password if you wish but that is not recommended and the whole reason to use a password manager to move away from such bad practices.

I mean the same password for the same service on the same account not different accounts just based on where I log in it splits them

Sorry I still don’t understand your problem. If it’s the same password for the same account on the same service why would you need that kind of split?

To answer your question though this is not possible at the moment. Bitwarden doesn’t log ip addresses on sign in or use (unless you are on a business plan but that is for auditing reasons not for anything service related) therefore it can’t give you different log ins based on location.

Correct me if I am wrong but does any password manger have this functionality?

I think you are saying that Bitwarden has created a different login item in the vault for logging in on the regular website and the mobile website. This can be fixed by putting both URIs into a single login item. Alternatively, you can define a set of custom equivalent domains in the Account Settings on the web vault.

You know now that you’ve said that makes sense that this was the issue presented. If you need some help with documentation the below link will get you there.

Using URIs | Bitwarden Help Center