I give up. Who should I contact?

I guess I’m just too much over the hill to succeed in using Bitwarden. At 87 I’ve done what I thought would work and it doesn’t. I wrote down my password in a safe place and no iteration thereof will open BW. It worked before I quit for this pandemic when I was otherwise occupied. This is the second time this has happened; the first one I guess I’ll have to admit was probably my fault so I created another account. I just don’t want to be charged for two accounts when it comes time to re-up when I can’t use either one of them.

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Hi Frank, don’t give up!

Send our customer success folks an email here: https://bitwarden.com/contact - they can help you troubleshoot.

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Thank you, Trey. I’ll probably get to the Perly Gates long before you so I’ll put in a good word for you.


Definitely contact support. There’s no reason to keep the first account active if you’re only using the 2nd one.

I wonder if it could be as simple as making sure you’re entering the PW correctly. No shift key or cap key activated. Because if it worked a few months ago it’ll work now.

Maybe that keyboard has an issue. Try to use the keyboard or device where it worked before to make sure your PW has been entered correctly.

Which devices do you sync it to? Just a computer or also a phone ?