I can't write in the input field

With Bitwarden mobile, having given the app the right to appear in front, a popup “Do You want to insert with Bitwarden” appeares in front of every input field.

No matter if I have started the bitwarden app or not,
No matter if there exists the right data in my bitwarden tesor - or not.

More annoying is that it is impossible to draw the popup aside. It remains in front of the input field making impossible for me to write into the input field myself.

(Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5, Android 12)

Is there someting wrong with me or ( I guess ) wtithj the App?


Hey @Horst-Martin_Trieble let me know if this is helpful: Troubleshooting Android Auto-fill | Bitwarden Help Center

Sorry: on the contrary. My problem ia nbot, that the overlay cannot be seen.
My problem ist, that is is impossible, to write into the input field, as the overlay appears in front of the input field and covers it. hmtriebler

I’m not sure if this applies to your case, but similar problems in Android can occur if using the Android Accessibility Service, rather than the Android Autofill Service, as your autofill service. Perhaps you can check your phone settings and see if this is the case for you.