I can't sign up for premium

I clicked to sign up for the Premium account ($10/year) on the Bitwarden pricing page and it asked me to create an account. After account creation the only options were Free, Family ($3.33/mo), and business plans. I signed up for the Free account and then tried to hit upgrade on the site, but Premium is not available.

Any idea of what I can do? I wanted to make sure that the company got some $$ for my usage.

You may be trying to sign up for a premium organization instead, this is okay and being a member of an Organization with premium features will auto-inherit premium membership to your account so you only ever have to pay for one membership i.e. I pay for a family membership organization for my and my family.
This gives the family Org premium features and also gives all of my family members premium features for their personal vault such as TOTP generation for vault items, vault-reports, etc.

If you wish to only purchase a premium license for yourself on your personal vault (the $10/year option) you should be able to do so under My VaultSettingsGo Premium

I would also read on

As there are a few things to note, such as if you only have a paid 2FA login i.e YubiKey and Bitwarden is unable to renew your subscription or presumably you cancel this will default to simply needing your master password without the need for 2FA should you not have another form of the “free” included 2FA options enabled.

@cksapp Thanks for sharing this. I am also planning to sign up for premium. These instructions can really help.