I can't sign in to my account

Good afternoon. Faced a problem when logging into my account, it gives this error. Checked the data. Even case sensitive. the problem is not solved. I created a new account for the trial and I also can’t log into it. What do i do? I can log in through the application on my phone, but only the face id, but I need it both on my PC and on my phone. Please help me solve my question.

I am no expert in this area but I would try this. Click on this icon at the right side of the password entry box:


Enter your password and double check the entry. I am suggesting this because it is apparent that you are not using a standard language setup and it could be that something is getting transposed. (Particularly, special characters.)

One question, where you ever able to log to the account after you created the account?

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What type of characters did you use because I see you speek Russian so that might have something to do with the password being considered incorrect I would change your master password to something that contains standard English characters

My recommendation would be to stick to the characters the Password Generator has on offer.


символы на английском языке + цифры + символы

я не против заменить пароль. но он не дает мне зайти… Проблема в том что раньше этот пароль подходил, а сейчас нет, хотя я ничего не менял. В правильности написания и использования регистра я уверен. В учетную запись я могу войти только через телефон с использование Face ID

Translation according to Google:

Since you must have been able to enter the password correctly at least once on your phone, I would suggest that you use the phone app to export the contents of your vault as soon as possible (do it unencrypted, but save to a secure place). This way, at worst you have to delete your account and start fresh with a new password.

But to be able to export you have to enter the master password…

He seems to have been able to to it already on his phone though, and he hasn’t forgotten it.

Does this replace having to enter a password ?

No, it is a biometric unlock, like a fingerprint.

David tell me how to transfer all accounts from Bitwarden to a new account / extract into a separate document? Thank you)

Yes, only biometrics works. I did not check the password in the application on the phone (I’m afraid that the account will fly out and my data will be lost)

Here is the information, Just be sure to save the export as JSON output and do NOT use encrypted output, since it requires a working password to recover.

Also make sure this is stored to a very secure location, such as an encrypted drive for security.


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