I can't login to my account

Today, I tried to log in to my web vault, but after inputting my username and password, I noticed an error message: “An error occurred: username or password is incorrect.”

However, something strange happened. I can still use all the functions on the logged-in device, and everything works fine(including sync , create new items,and delete items), except for the login function, which shows the error mentioned above.

I contacted the support team, but they responded by saying, “I do not see a Bitwarden account associated with the email address.”

This makes me worried about my account, as all my passwords are in it. Currently, I have backed up my data. Can anyone answer this question for me? I am also subscribed to the premium plan.

Hi Adam,

I experienced the same login problem. It made me crazy!
Logging in on the website worked normal, logging in on the app or web extension did not work.
After a very long search and trying out everything, I found the solution to this problem: although I live in Belgium, I had to put the region on “US”.
Probably I registered like this.
Hope it will work for you!