I can't login to my account

Today, I tried to log in to my web vault, but after inputting my username and password, I noticed an error message: “An error occurred: username or password is incorrect.”

However, something strange happened. I can still use all the functions on the logged-in device, and everything works fine(including sync , create new items,and delete items), except for the login function, which shows the error mentioned above.

I contacted the support team, but they responded by saying, “I do not see a Bitwarden account associated with the email address.”

This makes me worried about my account, as all my passwords are in it. Currently, I have backed up my data. Can anyone answer this question for me? I am also subscribed to the premium plan.

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Hi Adam,

I experienced the same login problem. It made me crazy!
Logging in on the website worked normal, logging in on the app or web extension did not work.
After a very long search and trying out everything, I found the solution to this problem: although I live in Belgium, I had to put the region on “US”.
Probably I registered like this.
Hope it will work for you!

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I have just experienced the same issue - I checked the vaults but that made no difference however I found I was able to log on by using a different web browser.

Since a few days I have a similar problem. I cannot login using Chrome. Firefox works. I cleared all caches in Chrome but still the same. App also works. Does anybody know what this problem is about?

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I can’t believe this worked, but by disabling the Adblock chrome extension logging into the vault worked like a charm.


For me, it ended up being the Chrome extension (Volume Master by petasittek.com) that was preventing me from signing into BitWarden. I would get a red box in the upper right corner saying “An error has occurred Username or password is incorrect. Try again.” This was happening for weeks on the account that had the extension installed.

I uninstalled this extension, and it started working immediately.

But now that I changed my password and encryption key for good measure, I can’t get the mobile to sign in. At first it was working, but when I flipped over to Authy to get the MFA, then flipped back, Bitwarden reset itself, and now it says my password or username is wrong, even though it isn’t 100% sure.

Update - Reboot of phone seems to have done the trick. Force stop of app didn’t help.


Witam .
Mam ten sam problem , nie mogę się zalogować uzywajac swojego loginu i hasla .
wyskakuje nieprawidłowy login/hasło !
jeszcze kilka dni temu korzystałem ze swojego konta a teraz taka sytuacja
Aplikacje mam na telefonie (IOS) i laptopie (Windows)

Thanks David… this help me out a lot.
I had the same problem and when i read your advice i tried it out and it worked fine.


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Just had this problem on a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

I tried everything everyone else tried here.

What fixed it for me was changing my password and Rotating the Vault
Encryption. I had to do this for both Hosted and Self-Hosted solutions. If I had more time, I would have tried changing the password without rotating the encryptions to see if that worked, however, I already invested too much time on this. My guess is Vault Encryption Rotation is necessary to get it working but I could be wrong.

I hope this helps someone!

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