I can login to Bitwarden okay but my vault never populates

I am on Windows 10, Chrome and using web-vault
Sometimes I login to Bitwarden but my vault never populates
If I use chrome incognito then this fixes the problem
Anybody experience this or know a long-term fix?

Hi @WRX105 and welcome to the community,

I can’t say I’ve ran into the issue myself but if this works in an incognito window then likely this could be a browser cache, or extension issue.

I would suggest to first try by disabling all your browser extensions and testing your login. If it works then you can narrow down the extension one by one.
If this does not, you may try to look into how to clear cookies and cache in Chrome.

Otherwise I would recommend trying to reach out to the Bitwarden team directly to contact them for further assistance and they should be able to help take a look at your login issue.