Hybrid Passwordvault


I am considering using Bitwarden and have some questions that I hope you can assist me with. My plan is to set up Bitwarden locally and store my important passwords there, while storing a portion of my less important passwords on the cloud version in a hybrid setup. Is it possible to link these accounts so that they are combined with user accounts? Additionally, I am curious if this is possible with a business plan for my small business.

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Bitwarden doesn’t work that way. Bitwarden is fundamentally a server-hosted solution (in which your vault data are stored either on Bitwarden’s cloud servers, or on your own on-premises server if you choose to self-host). The client apps on your devices will be able to cache a local copy of the vault database after authentication to the server, but any vault changes made on your local devices will be synced back to the server (and then pushed to any other authenticated client apps that are online).