Human-friendly CLI output

The current CLI outputs information in JSON, optionally formatted with --pretty.

This is convenient for scripting but isn’t as convenient or aesthetically pleasing for human interaction.
While I can hack something together using jq on top of the bitwarden cli, I think a native --human option would be great — and beneficial to other users.

Some conceptual examples:

$ bw --human list items
[1] folder/path/ /u/JohnDoe — hunter2
[2] gmail: [email protected] — Don'tBeEvil

$ bw --human get item <whatever>
Folder:  folder/path
Name: gmail
Username: [email protected]
Password: Don'tBeEvil

Essentially, what I am suggesting is:

  • Trim characters unnecessary for human comprehension (" [ ] etc);
  • Condense boolean data — instead of "favorite": false, just print or something like Status: Favourite; no reprompt;
  • Drop redundant information — if you are doing bw list items you probably don’t need to see the "object": "item", key;
  • Toggle outputting dates — someone who just wants to log into one of his reddit alts probably doesn’t care about passwordRevisionDate, revisionDate, creationDate nor deletedDate; and
  • human-friendly ID aliases — the [1], [2] in my suggested output in place of the full GUID.

While most of my suggestions would require very little effort, I am afraid that my last suggestion, while great for QOL, might be too inconvenient to implement.