How to view the API section in the web interface

Hey, guys…

I need to use an API key to log in to the CLI version of BW.

My web interface does not have that section. I am running version Version 2.25.0.

Any ideas?

Hello @sergio_101,

Strange you do not have the API key, you mention being on an older web version 2.25.0 the current release at is the web-vault 2.28.1

Are you using the official release of Bitwarden? Or could you perhaps be accessing a separate 3rd party service?

I’ll have to look… i am running BW as a docker instance on a raspberry pi…

That would definitely explain why the web vault is out of date if you are self-hosting.

Though Bitwarden does not offer a raspberry-pi docker image and does not support ARM processors currently, though there is a feature request for this I believe.

If you have followed an online guide to install “Bitwarden” on your rPi then you may very well have installed Vaultwarden instead.
Vaultwarden themselves are very good about making it apparent they are not affiliated with the official release of Bitwarden, though unfortunately many online “guides” I have seen tend not to make this explicitly known.
If you are running Vaultwarden, then feel free to reach out for support on the Vaultwarden community forums for further help.

This is why it is extremely important when running commands and scripts to fully read through and understand what is happening before blindly running commands.

Thanks Kent - wise advice. Since this issue needs to be resolved with a different community for non-Bitwarden software, I think we can close this now. Cheers!