How to use KeePass client to manage/sync Bitwarden passwords?

Managing passwords is a pain, as you cant save them in the folders in the browser when you create them, and you cant drag them to folders in the desktop client.

All of those problems are solved in KeePassXC (I am premium user of Bitwarden, not here to promote them), and I though is there any way to be able to sync passwords automatically from on to another?
Could I use KeePass client to sort all my password and then have the bitwarden updated?
Any better ways to sort passwords?
Am I left to export passwords to KeePass, sort them, and then manually upload the Bitwarden? Would not that produce duplicates?

why dont I just use KeePass? i have more trust in bitwarden as a cloud service, and I like their mobile app. All apps under one roof and on the cloud.

I develop websites, so I create and manage many passwords on daily basis and having them all dump into “No folder” is so annoying.

I hope mentioning other PM does not break the rule.

Could you not clear the vault in Bitwarden and then reimport from keeppass?