How to use 'identity' and 'Secure-note'

Can’t find any reference to the Types such as Identity and Secure-note, just wonder how and why to use them, are there any docs available?

I am almost assuming that this question is a joke - but this picture would answer it

Not everyone is a native English speaker @adriatic

An identity is for example a username, address, telephone number. You use this for example if you require shipping after you signed up on a website, or if you don’t want the website to save such data. You could have multiple identities, for example because you have multiple addresses, order something for your wife or child, or because you order for home and work just to mention some examples.

A secure note could be anything, for example a serial number for a piece of software, or a password for your e-mail address, or a note for when you are deceased. You can set it up so the sensitive data is hidden by default.

Thanks jfdhuiz, sadly i am a ‘native English speaker’ but probably of an ‘older-demographic’, but many thanks for trying to help me understand this. Great-advice, much-appreciated.

To further augment @aviceda response, I am not a native English speaker.

I erroneously assumed that the question was about accessing these types, where in fact it was about using them. Thank you @jfdhuiz for correcting my mistake and helping @aviceda.

Thanks @adriatic, all good.