How to use Fingerprint to Login on Android Device

I just installed Bitwarden on my desktop and Samsung Galaxy S8+. I am having difficulty using my fingerprint reader to login to the android app. Essentially, when I start the app, I am not given any prompt to use a fingerprint.

I did go into settings and toggled on the fingerprint option. At that point, I did get a fingerprint prompt, and I used the fingerprint reader several times, but nothing seemed to register. If I logout and re-open the app, I only get the option to enter my master password (note: one time I did get a fingerprint prompt and it worked successfully, by that has not been replicated.) The app has been closed multiple times, phone restarted, etc., but I am still not receiving a prompt to use the fingerprint reader. Many thanks in advance.

If you log out, you’ll need to provide your master password again since logging out destroys data on your phone.
If you want to be prompted with fingerprint, you should lock your vault. You can set the lock options in the settings to Immediately for example.

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