How to uninstall desktop app 1.30.0 on Mac

The Bitwarden app for Mac OS 10.13.6 (Ver 1.30.0) quits when I open it. Doubtless a result of an error I have made, but I’ve tried to reinstall (more than once) after restarting my Mac without success. Is there a way to do a complete uninstall so I can try again?

This is an old post but I recently ran into an issue where Bitwarden on my mac was unusable (couldn’t get passed the initial startup spinner) and a full uninstall/reinstall was necessary to fix it.

To completely uninstall the bitwarden app (as of 2022.9.1) from mac (12.5), you’ll need to delete the following:

  • /Applications/
    • the bitwarden app
  • ~/Library/Containers/Bitwarden
    • bitwarden’s preferences, supporting files, user data, and logs
  • /private/var/folders/59/3vcm964d32783dhg1w9k5cdh0000gn/C/com.bitwarden.desktop
    • supporting files
    • Your path may vary slightly
    • I’m not sure this one is necessary to remove. Try not removing it first.

After those files are removed, restart your computer (just to be safe) and reinstall. Doing this loaded the default Bitwarden login for me again.

My issue when trying to move the to TRASH in step 1, an error message occurs “Cannot be deleted becuase Bitwarden extension are in use.”

Sounds like Bitwarden wanted to ensure its app is never deleted! How would I find where extensions are in use to remove them? Tedious at best.