How to store passkeys with browser extension?

What I’m doing wrong? I have version 2023.10.1 running on the Safari Browser extension. When I’m trying to store a passkey, there popup only the native Apple windows to store it in the iCloud. There is never a Bitwarden popup to store it there.
Tried also Firefox and Chrome, the same thing.

@davesen Welcome to the forum!

Are you on macOS or iOS?

hello @grb, thanks.

I’m on macOS 14.1.1

And is the browser extension logged in and unlocked?

Yes of cause. I created a password before, the icon shows a (1), that password is available for this page.

I don’t see any related bug reports on Github. Have you tried generic troubleshooting steps, such as rebooting your computer, and/or reinstalling the browser extension?

Also, I need to advise that I don’t have much knowledge or experience with Bitwarden on macOS or passkeys in general, so hopefully some other forum member can step in to assist.

any other help?

FWIW I have just tried Yubico demo website on my Mac and it works fine. Both registering a passkey and logging in.

I used MacOS 14.1.1, Brave 1.60.118 and Bitwarden should be 2023.10.2 so update your bitwarden client.
Also tried again with Safari and worked as expected.