How to stop the Bitwarden password saving prompt ? as I have already an entry

Hi, I have a webpage requesting only a password:
I have created a BW entry for it:

BUT each time I log on this webpage, I still have the Bitwarden password saving prompt as if I had no entry for this website :

Why is BItwarden behaving like this ?
and how to stop the Bitwarden password saving prompt? Regards

Bitwarden seems to be convinced that the URI stored in the item does not match the one in the browser. Compare them with each other and if necessary make an adjustment or add an extra URI.

In the extension go to Settings → Options and then scroll down and take a look at these 2 options:

Or logging in manually (known password)/autofill by another tool (browser) on a locked vault.

When the extension is locked, everything is encrypted including the URL, so it does not know you have an entry for this site. Triggering auto-fill (shortcut/context-menu) will prompt to log-in and then auto-fill. If the extension finds an entry that matches, it will not prompt to save/update that entry.

But it is perfectly matching, I have checked several times and here is a screenshot showing it:

I have put the URL even on top position but it does not solve the issue, the BW new entry prompt is still showing up.

I do not want to remove this feature for other websites. It is a useful feature. It is just that this feature is completely buggy on this url

How about if (just for testing) you allow Bitwarden to create a new item and after that you compare both items (incl. “Match detection” for each URI) with each other ?


You mean remove BW in fact :thinking:. Strange solution.

But as you can clearly see it is not what BW is actually doing: the entry match and BW still presents the prompt as if it was new.

As you can see here it is auto-filling perfectly as well.

So it should not prompt to create new entry for it.

@Peter_H I have fully deleted the entry and recreating the entry from the prompt and it works ! Thank you

I have discovered that the created entry was exactly the same except the auto created entry has a username:
This username does not appear at all on the webpage. It is only asking for the password.

You mean remove BW in fact :thinking:. Strange solution.

No not at all, but I have seen cases where people still entered their known password (not best practice as it’s not generated and likely not random/complex). Or still having the password saved in the browser’s password manager and use that to auto-fill. All of them with a locked vault.

I’m glad to hear you were able to figure it out. Yes, indeed the username is one part of the equality check.

  1. URL
  2. Username → does not match → new entry
  3. Password → does not match → update password

I understand now what you mean : I had fully disabled Google Password Manager.

The BW equality check you give seems fine. The issue I had eventually was due to the lack of transparency of the webpage , as it is hiding the username.