How to share an individual login record with another person?

I would like to ‘by the click of a button’ share the currently displayed password record (via WhatsApp or likewise) or as a JSON file for easy import to another BW user. Is that possible atm?

In short, easy sharing may come in the future. Meanwhile, if the users are in the same organization/family there is org/collection feature; if not in the same org, then there is this Send feature.

If both BW users are in the same organization (such as family), and there is already a collection set up for sharing between the users, then sharing a password record is just moving the entry into the shared collection.

If the BW users don’t belong in the same org (hence, no shared collection), then BW has a Send feature, which requires a few copyings and pastings on both ends. On your end, you basically create a Send record and copy whatever information need to be shared. You share a URL to the other user. The other user opens the URL, and copy and paste information from the Sent entry into his own vault. This is probably not a fun way (i.e., awkward) to share credentials on Mobiles.

Vault item sharing seems to be on the roadmap, with no specific date: