How to request emergency access? No gear icon

I have a premium Bitwarden account to use the Emergency Access feature.
Since my family is not too tech savvy I’ve created a second (non-premium) Bitwarden account and added that as an emergency contact.

Logging into the “emergency contact accout” and checking the “Emergency settings” part looks like this:

The documentation states that there should be a gear icon to initiate emergency access. But as you can see from the screenshot it’s not there. The three dots open a small menu but that only offers the option to remove the entry.
Can someone please point out to me what I’m doing wrong?

Same here, no Gear Icon under Emergency Access for any users I am designated for ???

I would suggest filing a bug report on GitHub.

Not sure if it helps, but after going through the EC process another time I got it to work, although the gear icon has been replaced with the three dots (as pictured in the OP snapshot) and a dialogue option under that which says “Request Access”.

You have to be sure that the both the Grantor and Grantee check email AFTER the process is over, as they BOTH need to “confirm” through email for the EC process to be fully enforce.

In my example, the Grantor did not click the final “needs to be confirmed” email, thus I had no “Request Access” under the three dots.

Hi everyone! I’ll reach out to our documentation team internally to notify that they need to update the reference to the gear icon to the three dots, but the rest of the steps should be correct.

In the screenshot shown, you have not yet confirmed access, which is the final step in granting access to that user. Until the user is confirmed, they will not see the option to request access.

I hope this helps, but please let us know if you continue to experience issues!

Thanks for all the valuable information! I was missing the last step of verifying the emergency access. I had to simple click a confirm button when logged into my main account.