How to replace Google-Auth and Microsoft-Auth and use BW instead


just upgraded to premium to use that feature, but for some reason I cannot find any information on how to actuelly perform the migration, so that I am able to use Bitwarden instead of other Auth Apps. Any help is appreciated.

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In the App, when I edit an entry I am able to scan a QR Code or enter Code manually. After saving it says under TOTP that premium license is needed. Ok, weird. In Desktop app it shows me I am premium. Any ideas?

Uninstalled app and after new install totp is active.

I see you sorted your issue just though I’d comment on your migration comment. Unfortunately both Google and Microsoft don’t allow you to view the seed after the QR code scan. So you won’t just be able to move them from those apps to Bitwarden’s TOTP offering. You’ll have to re-create the TOTP code in each site.

Thanks for your input.

Glad that worked for you. For any future readers of this thread: all you need to do is to refresh the vault by logging out and logging back in, no need to reinstall.