How to remove Bitwarden icon bubble on Android

Since I installed Android 12 on my Pixel, Bitwarden shows always a tiny bubble in my screen. Even when bubble are turned off, the Bitwarden logo stays (see screen print). How can I get rid of it?

It’s an “accessibility button”. It can be turned off by Settings → Accessibility → Bitwarden → Bitwarden shortcut (off). Bitwarden seems to work the same regardless of the setting.


That worked indeed, thanks!

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Happy to help. I have a Pixel 3. How are you liking (or not liking) Android 12 so far?

What does this Bitwarden bubble do?
Does it just open the app?

For me it didn’t do anything, accept for being annoying.

@astrohip Android 12 is great. I like the new look very much. But that’s personal of course.


Thanks! That bubble was driving me nuts. :crazy_face:


That worked many thanks!

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Big thanks! An unanswered question seems to be what the bubble was supposed to do. I couldn’t get it to do anything except be there. Am I missing some key functionality by not saying some magic words after pressing it?

Thanks Stuart. Appreciate the advice! Android 12 is truly phenomenal… Not to mention the Pixel 6 Pro. My first Pixel. :relaxed:

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You’re welcome. I have the Pixel 3, and love it. I’ll be getting a P6 after the first of the year.

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Hi @Jarfr - welcome!

This thread might have some answers for you:

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Go to Accessibility in the main Android settings, you’ll be able to switch it off there.


You are right. Thanks.I overlooked the “shortcut” option.

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Oh thank God, I was about to throw my phone after the update! Haha!

I’ve been searching for the fix for a while! Thanks.

Okay, I’ve been working through the wreckage of my recent Lastpass migration (not your fault, it’s all on me for having such a disorganized mess that I should’ve taken care of long ago, but now feel compelled to do it in the midst of my Bitwarden learning curve). I have a Pixel 6 Pro, with Android 13 on it. I have the Bitwarden Android app installed, and, after learning a bit about URI matching and setting some entries to auto-fill, things seems to be working out okay, overall.

However, in the course of configuring auto-fill, my phone now has a hovering Bitwarden emblem lurking on the edges of my screen. I’d take a screenshot to show what I mean, but it always stays “above” the screen’s contents, so it isn’t captured. Anyway, in between continually moving it out of the way, when I’ve tried to get Bitwarden to respond to what I’m doing with a website, I try pressing it. It doesn’t seem to do anything. For my vault entries with auto-fill, the username/password often just appears (which is great), or will sometimes give me the ability to select one of multiple accounts (which is also great). But as far as I can tell, the only thing this floating emblem is doing for me is getting in my way.

I’ve tried to find mention of it in the documentation, or heck–even just a picture/drawing, but the docs are using jargon that is not exactly bringing to mind this thing I’m seeing on the screen. I’m sure I’m just not making the proper cognitive connection here.

My question consists of three parts:

  1. Running a recent version of Android on a relatively new phone, do I need this thing?

  2. What’s it supposedly doing for me that I am not yet understanding?

  3. If I truly won’t be needing it, how the heck do I make it go away without breaking the functionality that already seems to be working for me?

Thanks in advance; I hope to continue learning so I get to the point of asking better questions, but this is where I’m at right now.

I could very well be on the wrong track, but this sounds like an AutoFill options thing.

I am using Android 13 on a Pixel as well. I have my AutoFill services settings configured this way:
Auto-Fill Service - On
Use inline Autofill - On
Use accessibility - Off <— I’d bet this is the one that is causing you grief
Use draw-over - Off <— or this one

Try turning both of the bottom ones off.

I find it works very well… a very small pop-up bubble appears that I can click to fill the UN and PW.

Another thing I really like about Bitwarden is it doesn’t prompt me to autofill PIN numbers (like when an app presents a big numeric pin pad). That drove me nuts with my prior password manager.

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Interesting; I have both Auto-Fill Service and Use Inline Autofill on, as well as Use Accessibility and Use Draw-over, too. I was able to turn off Use Accessibility, but I was not able to turn off Use Draw-over. The switch is there, it’s active (i.e., not grayed out), but I can’t move it.

Ah! Just as I was going back to see if I could turn off Use Draw-over if I turned Use Accessibility back on, when I got to Android’s accessibility setting screen, and selected Bitwarden to enable acessibility for it, I remembered there were two switches on this page: One titled Use Bitwarden, and an optional switch below it titled Bitwarden shortcut.

When I turned Bitwarden shortcut off, the annoying hovering thing disappeared instantly. Huzzah!

Today I learned a thing, and for that I am very grateful–thank you muchly!

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