How to remove Bitwarden icon bubble on Android

Since I installed Android 12 on my Pixel, Bitwarden shows always a tiny bubble in my screen. Even when bubble are turned off, the Bitwarden logo stays (see screen print). How can I get rid of it?

It’s an “accessibility button”. It can be turned off by Settings → Accessibility → Bitwarden → Bitwarden shortcut (off). Bitwarden seems to work the same regardless of the setting.


That worked indeed, thanks!

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Happy to help. I have a Pixel 3. How are you liking (or not liking) Android 12 so far?

What does this Bitwarden bubble do?
Does it just open the app?

For me it didn’t do anything, accept for being annoying.

@astrohip Android 12 is great. I like the new look very much. But that’s personal of course.


Thanks! That bubble was driving me nuts. :crazy_face:


That worked many thanks!

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Big thanks! An unanswered question seems to be what the bubble was supposed to do. I couldn’t get it to do anything except be there. Am I missing some key functionality by not saying some magic words after pressing it?

Thanks Stuart. Appreciate the advice! Android 12 is truly phenomenal… Not to mention the Pixel 6 Pro. My first Pixel. :relaxed:

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You’re welcome. I have the Pixel 3, and love it. I’ll be getting a P6 after the first of the year.

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Hi @Jarfr - welcome!

This thread might have some answers for you:

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Go to Accessibility in the main Android settings, you’ll be able to switch it off there.


You are right. Thanks.I overlooked the “shortcut” option.

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Oh thank God, I was about to throw my phone after the update! Haha!

I’ve been searching for the fix for a while! Thanks.