How to move vault items from organization vault to personal vault?

I’ve set someone up as an emergency user and he now has view only access. He can only see the vault items that are not in an organization. He can only see the items that are in the personal vault only. I need him to see all of my vault items. I don’t need the organization so I’ve been trying for hours to move the organization files to personal, but I’m stymied. I’ve tried cloning the organization files and moving them to the personal vault, but that doesn’t work. Please advise! Thanks!

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Hello gailltoo - welcome!

Organizational items aren’t really meant to be “moved” out of the organization, but I understand why you want to do this.

The easiest workaround is to clone a copy of the item into your personal vault and then delete the original in the organization. Hope that helps!


Hi David, Thank you so much for your help! I had just come back here to delete my question since I found out at another post that I could export from the organization then import into the personal vault
using .json It worked out just great!

Thank you so much again and have a great evening!


Thanks, but I had to change the user to which I want to clone the organization item to owner level… Is this right? So everytime I want to do this I have to give the user owner level and then change it back to user level which is annoying as I have to log in and out several times…