How to migrate from Google Authenticator

I might be blind, but how do I migrate my data now?

Why not go look in the Help Center first (and spoiler: there are instructions for import from Google Authenticator as well)? :wink:

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Thanks. I did check but did not find anything. Strange.

So I basically need 2 phones then?

Well, the first thing is: Google Authenticator seems to not allow another kind of export, so that is a restriction from that part.

And then, a workaround I can imagine: make a screenshot of the export-QR-code, transfer this to another device (via a secure channel and/or encrypted), open/view the screenshot there - and then you should be able to scan it with your phone. :thinking:

Thanks, Screenshots are not supported by the Google authenticator. Also I’m not too happy sending this around.

I might setup a temporary phone then. Thanks

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I just tested it. It worked on my Android phone.

If you can’t do it, then the second device could be a the camera of a laptop too. (and then, as written before, display the QR code on your laptop and scan it with your phone)

Understandably, but of course I meant via a secure channel and/or encrypted or something like that.

Managed to get it done with a 2nd phone.