How to make a screenshot for a bug report?

I think it’s sort of great that we can’t make screenshots in the app, they turn black. But just one of these days I’m going to need to make one, for a bug report of course. So how can circumvent that in that case?

Again screenshots work for me on iOS, maybe this is an android issue.

They should be disabled on all systems possible by default. There’s some problem with iOS that the team hasn’t tackled yet?

Not sure I’d care too much for the development teams to work on code just to blank out screenshots… to blank out screenshots just don’t take them. If you do take them just redact whatever you need to.

Actually a search of the forum already shows this discussion has been had before.

Maybe should pose these questions in previously reported threads via a forum search first.

At least within the Android app, under SettingsSecurityAllow screen capture change from OffOn


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