How to import Keepassium databases?

Keepassium (iOS App) only allows to export it‘s databases as „Keepass 2 database (kdbx)“.

  1. How can I import kdbx databases into the bitwarden tresor?

  2. Or how I can convert a kdbx database into a xml or csv database?

  3. BTW if the only answer could be: Import these databases into Keepass 2 on your desktop computer: Please tell me how to transfer secure these databases via WLAN over the internet to my computer?

Thanks in advance.

Having just gone through this with my wife, here is what I recommend:

  1. Export your Keepass database to a kdbx file (it will be encrypted).
  2. Transfer the file to your desktop machine using whatever method works for you (iCloud Drive, iTunes transfer, etc.)
  3. Open the kdbx file in Keepass on the desktop and export to Keepass 2 xml format
  4. When you save the xml file, it is best to save it to an encrypted drive or container since the passwords are no longer encrypted (e.g., a TrueCrypt / VeraCrypt container, MacOS disk image (DMG) file, or secure USB flash drive would all be options).
  5. Import the xml file into Bitwarden and then secure-delete the xml file