How to Import CSV files from Chrome / Firefox / Edge

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good day all…so i went to export all my Save Autologins from Chrome / Firefox / Edge…but i guess i’m having a brain-fart and can’t quite seem to figure out HOW to Import them ‘individually’ OR to just copy/paste the whole list in to one container/group ?

thnx for any tips/feedback . EQ

Hello @FastEddie and welcome,

These articles may be of assistance to you.

As both Chrome and the newer version of Microsoft Edge are both Chromium based the included instructions for Chrome should also work for these.

You may very well have a few duplicates for websites across browsers so when imported these logins may show up multiple times.
I usually recommend going through checking the credentials to make sure which is correct, and then you can delete the other entries.
This is also a good time once you know which is the correct login you can also start changing passwords to more secure randomly generated passwords.