How to handle multiple vaults (personal self-hosted and company vault)


I already have a self hosted vault that I use for my personal passwords. Recently, my company made it mandatory to use their organization vault for secure password sharing between employees. Since there’s no support for multiple vaults out of the box, what’s my best course of action here? I’d definitely want to avoid having to log in and out every single time, since I also need to swap vault URLs. One solution I thought about would be to use the browser extension for my personal one and keep the desktop client logged into the company’s vault.

Hi @Gisbi, welcome to Community! :wave:

We do have account switching available natively in both the Bitwarden Desktop App and Mobile App and support for switching in the Browser Extension is coming soon!

In the interim, if you want to use both in the browser extension, you can take advantage of Chrome profiles or use separate browsers (one for work and one for personal).