How to get URI for iOS app?

I created an entry in Bitwarden iOS app when opening an app. The entry created in Bitwarden consits of the following URI:


Every time I open the app and try to auto fill the password Bitwarden detects the app and it is selected in Bitwarden for auto fill.

Now I have another iOS app for which I want to create an entry in Bitwarden. But after creating the entry there is no URI in this entry. So Bitwarden doesn’t detects the app when I want to auto fill password.

Is there a way to create the URI by myself? How can I get this special URI for an iOS app?


Found this question from me which is still my question. Any advise what I can do to find out the URI for an iOS app? :confused:

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After switching from android to ios I have the same problem is there any way to find out the uri? Or is it planned to automate this as it was possible under android to add the uri to existing entries?

I would really like this feature as well

when in the iOS app… pretend you want create a password in Bitwarden from the app and it will populate the URI… just copy paste it into your existing Bitwarden data page… worked for me.

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Didn’t work for me with all iOS apps. Sometimes there is no URI shown in the entry. And on another iPhone there is another URI for the same app. My wife and I are using the same Bitwarden account. When I created an entry with such an URI on the device of my wife this entry was not detected. And when trying to create a new entry for the same app there was a different URI detected from Bitwarden. :confused:

Thanks Eric, that worked. But one issue is, that the suggestion to auto-fill is not populated in the keyboard. I have to click on the ‘Passwords’ and go to bitwarden pop-up, from where I have to select the only one login for that particular app, after which it gets auto-filled.

I wish it was populated in the keyboard itself, like in browser mode.

I am having the same issue. I am unable to determine the URI needed for BitWarden when using iOS.

Whether a brand new app for which I want to create an account, or if I have completely logged out of an app, when going through the “Create Account” app process, I am not seeing the ability for BitWarden to create an entry.

Two questions:

  • Still looking for the iOS URI needed for iPhone account detection – is there a reliable method to make that happen?
  • Is there a BitWarden setting which will cause the BitWarden entry to appear with the keyboard when creating a new profile for an iOS app?

In the Help Center, Bitwarden suggests that you go to the app’s login screen, then open Bitwarden by using autofill, and subsequently create a new vault item (which should automatically populate the URI field) by clicking the :heavy_plus_sign: icon in Bitwarden:

Quoted (with typoes fixed) from my 1yo answer on Reddit:

Unfortunately, if the app creator did not add their associated domains (see also Supporting Associated Domains) to the app and their website there is no way to get Bitwarden (on iOS) to recognize it within a password manager using auto-fill.

Best you can do is contact the app maker and send them those links and ask them to help password managers recognize their app by correctly implementing associated domains.

I have a number of apps, including my bank, that have this problem too :disappointed: