How to get the name of all collections in API (or Cli)

I have been trying to find a way to give access to a collection based on group membership. in the API swagger I can see that I can list all the collections like this, but this only shows IDs, no names. I see in the gui that it uses the api to get the name info out, but I have failed to do this in bash/curl. is it possible to get the name of a collection vs the id?

even if I run one of the IDs I find above in : I only get the ID… not the name.

in the cli I can list the collections that I have rights to… I want to list ALL the collections (is there an easy way to give me rights to ALL the collections?)

any help or hints would be very velcome.

The API only gets the GUIDs for collections - BUT - you can add external identifiers to collections, and that will be delivered via the API, sort of like a ‘public’ name that you can create.

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thank you! that solves my problem… in a way :slight_smile: