How to end two-step login and authy

I started using Authy and two-step login but I don’t like it. I want to delete authy and return to logging in with only my Master Password on any device. Don’t see how to do this and not get locked out. Thanks

You can go into your Bitwarden settings and remove it as a multi-factor authentication method. That said, I would urge you to use some form of MFA.

From the web vault, you can go to Bitwarden Web Vault (Account settings > Security > Two-step Login), from there you can:

  1. View recovery code - to copy down the code that you need when your 2FA method is unavailable.

  2. Manage any method to delete it.

Like Dan mentioned, it’s best to have 2FA on your probably most important online account. TOTP (like Authy) is considered the best next thing to hardware key (safe and very reliable). Next to that, maybe email (but you probably would want to enable 2FA here as well).

You could try other apps beyond Authy. The most recommended ones on Android seem to be 2FAS and Aegis.

Thank you both. I like Bitwarden but was confused by the multiple logins to get where I needed to be. I must’ve been set up Authy incorrectly. Will try again later.