How to disable BW with Firefox sidebar


I’m a new BW user and liking it a lot, having been a long term LastPass user.
However whenever I restart FF, BW keeps grabbing the sidebar, which is annoying as I use it for Tree Style Tab and I have to keep changign the sidebar to use TST on all browser windows.

How do I disable it permanently?

Perhaps this will be of help: Old and forgetful about attaching BW to sidebar - #2 by tgreer

Tx, I’d spotted that guide before but my Firefox version (84.0.1) doesn’t look anything like that.
My sidebar control looks like the one in help Use the Firefox Sidebar to access bookmarks, history and synced tabs | Firefox Help.

Here is the issue that I’m tracking, I think it’s related to yours.

Tx, though I’ve not seen the issue recently so maybe a FF/BW update fixed it.