How to delete unassigend Items of an organisation

I have deleted an organisation collection with more than 1000 itmes. The items itself wasn’t deleted and are now unassigned.
Now my problem is, that i cant multiselect and delete them. I would need to do this one by one, which take eons…

Has anyone an idea how to get them bulk deleted?

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@rmuehl I think that your situation is another reason to have this implemented somehow:

I have a simlar issue, bitwarden desktop does not allow multiselect for deletion.
However, login to vault on web and using a filter brings a select all option on the result list

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I was thinking to suggest using the web vault at too.
I also think it would be possible there.

We’re using an on premise installation of Bitwarden. There is no multiselect in the organisation’s vault view :frowning:

We have hundreds of objects in the unassigned collections that we need to delete :frowning: