How to delete my bitwarden community account here?

Hi all,

I would like to know how to delete my Bitwarden community account here. how to delete my bitwarden community account here?


“Account” > “Preferences” > “Delete my Account”-Button.


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This button does not appear.

In the mobile view, the button is not visible for me either. If you log in via a computer, then you see the button.

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I think @Relouis is talking about deleting your Bitwarden vault. I would suggest sending a direct message to @JaiBitwarden and request deletion of your forum account.

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Hey grb,

I’m talking about the bitwarden community account.


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@Relouis Thank you for clarifying. Would you mind sharing a screenshot (after redacting personal information)?

This is what the Community Forum account preferences page looks like for me in a Chrome browser on a Windows PS — I don’t see a Delete my Account button:

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Hello grb,

I tried reproducing it again, but unfortunately I no longer see the “Delete my account” button. However, I found an image on Google similar to the one I was shown 5 hours ago.

I modified your image and it looked exactly like mine 5 hours ago, just with my data etc.:

Greetings Relouis

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Click your profile image in the top right corner.

Click on the symbol furthest down in the right column (looks like a person).

Click preferences.

Scroll down.

Hope it works!


The issue is that the red “Delete My Account” button appears only for some users, but is hidden for other users, and is sometimes visible/sometimes hidden for yet other users.

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My mistake, I should have read through the comments more diligently before posting.

What an interesting issue. Hopefully, there’s a fix soon!

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Hi Axel,

Thank you for sharing your image.
This is what I mean.


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If someone can delete my account from this community, I will be happy (I tried to do the step by step you all advised, but I still haven’t succeeded).

If the button is not visible for you, it would have to be done by an admin.
Paging: @bw-admin @JaiBitwarden @sj-bitwarden

Hi @anon31427389, we’re sorry to see you go, but I will get this taken care of for you. :shield:

Best Regards,