How to delete "Home" vault


In my vault i have 2 vaults. I use “My Vault”. There is another called “Home”. There are no items in it. The options for “Home” allow me to leave it. But it won’t let me. How do i delete the “home” vault. I want to create a 2nd vault in addition to 'My vault" named work.


Hello and welcome to the community!

My Vault = Your own personal vault
Other named “vault” = Organization vaults

I think your “Home” vault is an org that you created and named “Home”. You can delete the org using the following method. You may not want to do that just yet until you read the rest of the message.

Your objective seems to be to have two vaults, one for home and one for work. Typically, people would create two accounts, one for each, and use only work account on work computers. Your own account, you should use ONLY on personal devices that you have total and exclusive control. If you ever open a personal vault on work computer, your work’s admins may have access to your credentials.

If you need to share credentials (again, not recommended), you can create an org (you probably already have, called home) and invite the other account in. Then you create a collection that the other account has permission to read/write, and then move credentials into the collection. Again, if you do this and you access your work vault on your work machine, your work’s admins may have access to your shared credentials as well.

If your work doesn’t provide BW’s subscription for you, you will have to pay for at least one account to comply with BW’s TOS.