How to decrypt .json exported with Visual studio or s. else

Hi everyone,
is there a way to decrypt a .json vault exported in “Account protected mode”
(knowing obviously the password) directly from an ide such as Visual studio
without reimport the vault in bitwarden?

Does exist a particular function that (by typing the password and running the program)
allows to decrypt the code or is mandatory reimport the code in Bitw for decrypting it?

I’m not a dev so sorry for the lack of technicism.
Thanks in advance :space_invader:

Just as a note here, Account restricted encrypted exports can only be reimported to the same Bitwarden account, and only if the account’s encryption key has not been changed.

The better method if you wish to have an encrypted export of your Bitwarden data would be to use the Password protected export option.

More can be found

Another thing multiple users do is possibly use an unencrypted backup and export this to a separate 3rd party encryption such as VeraCrypt, 7-Zip, etc.

Though Bitwarden is open-source so at this point I believe there may be some community tools people have written to work with Bitwarden’s Password protected encrypted export and possibly decrypt these.
But I would always recommend only using software you fully trust and vet any 3rd party community tool for use with your Bitwarden data.

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The third-party tool BitwradenDecrypt by Gupreet Kang (linked below) can decrypt the locally cached vault file (data.json), or the JSON export that is password-protected (but not the “account-restricted encrypted json” — see documentation for an explanation of the distinction).

It is not possible to decrypt the “account restricted” exports, because they do not contain the encryption key, and the master password alone is not sufficient to derive the encryption key. Thus, if you have an “account restricted” encrypted JSON file, it is useless unless you still have access to the original account that was used to create it, and if the encryption key was never rotated after the JSON was exported.