How to create bw item when site asks for character x from your password for the site

NEW BW User.
A site I want to add, on login, asks for 3 of the characters from the password registered for the site.
The fields are named Enter character x of your password: (where x is 1 to password length)

How do I setup the bw item?

Hey there, if you are referring to being asked for specific parts of your password on login, you can tap the eye icon and then the numbered list icon to show the corresponding numbers.
Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 7.32.26 AM

If you’re referring to something else, feel free to expand :slight_smile:

Also, I shared a method I use to have the information autofilled:

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Thanks danmullen for your reply. I had assumed that something like that would work from custom fields. My problem so I used F12 to get the dev pages but they are not being shown something to with tracking hiding them. I did have uBlock on, so tried with it off, without success. How do you get to see the source and the fieldnames?

Thanks dwbit for your reply. Where is the eye icon displayed. I cannot see it near the field asking for the specific character. What is shown is three dots in the field and I detect this is hiding the full password I entered. Do I have to remove the full password from the item, but then where does the numbered list get the password characters?

Hey Alan, it is a screenshot from the browser extension, if you tap into the vault item, to the password section, tapping the eye icon there will reveal the numbered list icon.

OK I have found that. You did not answer my second part about the three dots?

Just wondering, why does this feature not seem to exist in the android app? I can see the numbered list options in my browser extension but not the app?