How to configure the Android app to connect to my home server?

I just installed Vaultwarden on my Home Assistant server – VW is a Home Assistant add-on that runs on top of HA. The docs say that it is actually bitwarden under a different name.

After installing it, I was able to browse to the server (using my duckdns domain and encryption certificate from LetsEncrypt) and create an account for myself.

Having done that, I installed bitwarden on my android phone and tried to connect it to the server. When I enter my email address (the one I used when I created my account), BW throws an error message that says “We were unable to process your request. Please try again or contact us.”

@doni49 Welcome to the Bitwarden Community Forum!

Vaultwarden is a third-party app that is not affiliated with Bitwarden in any way, and is not guaranteed to be compatible with official Bitwarden products. Your best bet is to turn to the Vaultwarden community for support:

Alternatively, you can switch to one of the officially supported self-hosted Bitwarden server options, to ensure compatibility.

Good luck!