How to condition a Bitwarden import to handle multiple fields

I am new to Bitwarden, will be importing my passwords from another application, and need to condition my csv file. The BW template has one column for ‘fields.’ But what if my import has multiple custom fields in one entry? How do I condition the csv for multiple fields?

I created a dummy entry in BW containing three custom fields and then exported it so as to see how BW handled the three fields. But the export file only showed the first field. The other two did not export. Suggestions?

Also, in the dummy BW entry, I created a note with three lines. (My import file will have multiple lines in the notes section.) The export of the dummy file only picked up the first line of the notes. Is BW not going to recognize my whole imported notes section???

Hey Michele, opening the CSV file in a plain-text editor would be more reliable. If opening it in a spreadsheet program, the rows are probably only one line tall by default, and the rest of the data is hidden from view unless those rows are resized, or you click on the cell and look at the top where it shows all the cell data.

Let me know if that helps!

dw, thank you so much for the help. I am just now getting back to work on this but I exported my dummy test vault from Bitwarden. I opened it in Notepad instead of Excel and I do see what you are talking about. I understand now how to format my import to accommodate multiple custom fields and multiple notes. Got it. Now my work begins.

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