How to change startpage for web vault?

I’ve just started using bw, so I haven’t gotten the hang of this just yet.

When I log in to the web vault, all my info (usernames, full personal number, which sites I have accounts on etc.) is available on the first page. This feels very insecure, so how do I change this? I can’t find any setting to hide anything or at least show a different start page.

Welcome, @quazar!

There isn’t currently another page to configure for ‘landing’ - however, you may find managing your items from the browser extension meets this requirement better.

Thanks, @tgreer

Hm, okay. But what is the purpose of the web vault then? I figured the web vault is what I would use if I got “technologically” stranded or otherwise in need of using someone else’s device. If the web vault shows everything upon login, I don’t understand what it is for.

Am I missing something here? Seems like the “That leaves you free to roam, unlike browser password managers.” selling point fails here. Seems about as safe as pulling out a piece of paper with all my info on it everytime I need to use another’s device.

I am not trying to be rude. English is not my native language, so the text might not read how I intend it to.

Not taken as rude :slight_smile:

The web vault does allow you to access your account without an app - and millions of folks use it around the world. It’s used for the configuration, management, and organization of your items.

When it comes to the UI, the list does display items, but never your passwords without explicit interaction. If you have some ideas about how best to display the items, please do feel free to submit a feature request with your recommendations. The web vault is a key piece of the platform and we are always listening for ways to improve it.

Good =)

Yeah, it doesn’t show my password, but the username is just as bad, I’m afraid. Or actually much worse, in this case. On many sites in Sweden your personal identification number (PIN) is your username (not optional). This number is considered a “document of value” and with it a malicious person could cause serious harm. Like stealing your identity and such.

It is used in all government contact I can think of and also in banking, healthcare and university. So at least to me, this is much more sensitive than any of my passwords. I’m guessing this is not how it functions in the country in which you are based. This would explain why I didn’t find a bunch of posts complaining about it, which was baffling to me =)

Does your “feature request” function like some other sites, meaning that it is the requests who gets many votes that gets implemented? If that’s the case and other countries doesn’t use the same system as we do, this request would likely not get that many votes.

Would it be easy to implement a feature that lets the user select which usernames are sensitive, so they are shown as *******, like the passwords?

Interesting, and good to know!

The feature requests are a gauge of interest as well feedback on how items should work. As some folks will proclaim loudly, votes don’t always translate into development priority. :grimacing:

Something you could do is set your PIN as a custom field and leave the username blank. Custom fields are not displayed on the overall page. You can still autofill this field if you want, by naming the custom field to match the username’s HTML element.

More on how to create custom fields and autofill here:

Hm, given your reaction I guess this is not something that will be prioritized. This is a pretty huge security issue given that it’s worse than displaying all my passwords on the start screen of the web vault. Since our view on security differs too much, I cannot become your customer at this point.

It takes me a very long time just to write these short messages and try to make them readable, so it doesn’t seem worth it to write a long explanation and try to get votes for a feature that no one can relate to.

Thanks for suggesting a work around, but it would defeat the purpose of the app. It would take less time to write my own password manager than manually changing all the entries. I’m looking for a new password manager out of convenience and this would not be very convenient.