How to change Password Confirmation for every action un batch?

Hi. New user here. I created more than 100 passwords, and chose a long master password for security reasons, but, being new I selected “confirm master password” for each action (to auto write password or check the info by hand), and its getting more difficult than before to login, because now I have to write a longer password two times (one for opening the vault, and one for autowritting the password), rendering my reason to use a password manager, useless.

Can you point me, if theres a way to change this prefference all at once, or do I need to go one password by one?

Hello @ocruz - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

There is no feature in Bitwarden for you to perform this automatically, I’m afraid. But you can still do this with relatively little effort.

If you export your vault in JSON format (unencrypted only), you can open a copy of the file in a text editor and perform a global search-and-replace to modify all instances of password reprompt. Just search for:

"reprompt": 1,

And replace with:

"reprompt": 0,

Then you can import this file and the imported entries will no longer have the reprompt enabled.

A couple of very important things to note:

  1. Importing your vault does not replace existing items - it will actually duplicate them (i.e., there will be both the old version and new version present in your vault after import). So, you need to purge your vault items before you import to avoid duplicates. I suggest you try importing first as a trial, even though it will create duplicates, to ensure that everything imports correctly. Once verified, then purge your vault and import again.

  2. Note that exporting your vault contents does not preserve all your original data. Vault exports will not include file attachments, items in the trash, password history, or Sends. You will have to manually copy these items if you want to preserve them.

I hope that helps. Cheers!